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postal codes Nijeveen

An overview of all postal codes in Nijeveen. Easily find a street and address by postal code in Nijeveen.

postal codes Nijeveen

Nijeveen is a place in the municipalityMeppel in the province Drenthe. Nijeveen has 104 postal codes, 62 streets and 1335 addresses.

postal code numbers

postal codestreethouse numbersplacemunicipality
7948AANieuweweg5 to 27NijeveenMeppel
7948ABBurg. van Veenlaan1 to 31NijeveenMeppel
7948ACBurg. van Veenlaan2 to 30NijeveenMeppel
7948ADOevertje21 to 21NijeveenMeppel
7948AEBurg. Haitsmalaan1 to 26NijeveenMeppel
7948AGGriftestuk1 to 27NijeveenMeppel
7948AHGriftestuk29 to 49NijeveenMeppel
7948AJGriftestuk2 to 32NijeveenMeppel
7948AKGriftestuk34 to 66NijeveenMeppel
7948ALBurg. Weimalaan1 to 31NijeveenMeppel
7948AMBurg. Weimalaan2 to 44NijeveenMeppel
7948ANJulianastraat1 to 33NijeveenMeppel
7948APJulianastraat8 to 38NijeveenMeppel
7948ARWilhelminastraat1 to 19NijeveenMeppel
7948ASMolenweg1 to 31NijeveenMeppel
7948ATRembrandtstraat1 to 27NijeveenMeppel
7948AVRembrandtstraat29 to 59NijeveenMeppel
7948AWRembrandtstraat2 to 40NijeveenMeppel
7948AXDe berken1 to 14NijeveenMeppel
7948AZHet Weeme1 to 8NijeveenMeppel
7948BADe wilgen1 to 7NijeveenMeppel
7948BBDe wilgen2 to 38NijeveenMeppel
7948BCDr. van den Bergstraat2 to 22NijeveenMeppel
7948BDSchoutstraat1 to 31NijeveenMeppel
7948BEKarspelstraat1 to 25NijeveenMeppel
7948BGKarspelstraat2 to 38NijeveenMeppel
7948BHPolderstraat1 to 47NijeveenMeppel
7948BJPolderstraat2 to 30NijeveenMeppel
7948BKDs. van Halsemastraat2 to 14NijeveenMeppel
7948BLDorpsstraat3 to 41NijeveenMeppel
7948BMDorpsstraat43 to 87NijeveenMeppel
7948BNDorpsstraat89 to 137NijeveenMeppel
7948BPDorpsstraat139 to 157NijeveenMeppel
7948BRDorpsstraat2 to 22NijeveenMeppel
7948BSDorpsstraat24 to 58NijeveenMeppel
7948BTDorpsstraat60 to 104NijeveenMeppel
7948BVRaadhuislaan1 to 25NijeveenMeppel
7948BXRaadhuislaan2 to 50NijeveenMeppel
7948CAA. Keijzerlaan1 to 31NijeveenMeppel
7948CBJoh. Nijmeijerlaan1 to 12NijeveenMeppel
7948CCDe Hulsen1 to 7NijeveenMeppel
7948CDHummelhof1 to 5NijeveenMeppel
7948CEA. Keijzerlaan2 to 34NijeveenMeppel
7948CGWeidelint2 to 52NijeveenMeppel
7948CHhet Nieveen2 to 48NijeveenMeppel
7948CJhet Nieveen50 to 84NijeveenMeppel
7948CKhet Nieveen1 to 49NijeveenMeppel
7948CLhet Nieveen51 to 61NijeveenMeppel
7948CMWeidelint54 to 120NijeveenMeppel
7948CNDe Ryge61 to 87NijeveenMeppel