Postcode number 8702 in Bolsward

Searhcing for the postcodes near 8702? There are 46 postcodes that have the postcode number 8702 in Bolsward. 8702 is a postcode number in the place Bolsward within the municipalitySúdwest-Fryslân in the province Friesland. There are 32 streets that have as postcode number 8702 in Bolsward.

There is 1 district that has the postcode number 8702, that is the district Wijk 00 Bolsward; .

  • province Friesland
  • municipality Súdwest-Fryslân
  • place Bolsward
  • number of districts 1 district
  • number of neighbourhoods 1 neighbourhood
  • number of streets 32 streets
  • number of postcodes 46 postcodes

Postcodes and streets for postcode number 8702

In the overview below you will find all postcodes and streets with the postcode number 8702.

8702AAFriezenburg 2 t/m 50Bolsward-Noordoost
8702ABFriezenburg 52 t/m 84Bolsward-Noordoost
8702ACFriezenburg 86 t/m 112Bolsward-Noordoost
8702ADFriezenburg 7 t/m 155Bolsward-Noordoost
8702AGFriezenburg 101 t/m 159Bolsward-Noordoost
8702AHSparrenburg 5 t/m 27Bolsward-Noordoost
8702AJSparrenburg 2 t/m 50Bolsward-Noordoost
8702AKLindenburg 1 t/m 6Bolsward-Noordoost
8702ALWilgenburg 1 t/m 8Bolsward-Noordoost
8702AMPrinsenburg 1 t/m 25Bolsward-Noordoost
8702ANPrinsenburg 27 t/m 55Bolsward-Noordoost
8702APIepenburg 1 t/m 24Bolsward-Noordoost
8702ARRidderburg 1 t/m 19Bolsward-Noordoost
8702ASEikenburg 1 t/m 11Bolsward-Noordoost
8702ATEikenburg 2 t/m 18Bolsward-Noordoost
8702AVEssenburg 1 t/m 32Bolsward-Noordoost
8702AWDennenburg 1 t/m 19Bolsward-Noordoost
8702AZSaksenburg 13 t/m 35Bolsward-Noordoost
8702BAKoningsburg 10 t/m 28Bolsward-Noordoost
8702BBKoningsburg 1 t/m 27Bolsward-Noordoost
8702BCGravenburg 2 t/m 20Bolsward-Noordoost
8702BDBerkenburg 1 t/m 7Bolsward-Noordoost
8702BEBerkenburg 2 t/m 14Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CADe Skries 1 t/m 21Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CBDe Skries 2 t/m 62Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CCFûgelleane 1 t/m 29Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CDFûgelleane 2 t/m 36Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CEDe Ljip 1 t/m 57Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CGDe Ljip 2 t/m 16Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CHDe Wilster 1 t/m 3Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CKDe Markol 1 t/m 28Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CLDe Swan 1 t/m 65Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CMDe Klút 1 t/m 20Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CNIt Reidhintsje 1 t/m 8Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CPDe Strânljip 6 t/m 44Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CRDe Wylp 1 t/m 30Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CSDe Hoants 1 t/m 29Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CTIt Waarlamke 1 t/m 27Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CVIt Waarlamke 2 t/m 78Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CWDe Tjirk 1 t/m 18Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CXDe Berchein 1 t/m 37Bolsward-Noordoost
8702CZDe Berchein 2 t/m 48Bolsward-Noordoost
8702DADe Smjunt 1 t/m 15Bolsward-Noordoost
8702DBDe Tjilling 1 t/m 13Bolsward-Noordoost
8702DCDe Túfein 2 t/m 26Bolsward-Noordoost

Districts and neighbourhoods at 8702 in Bolsward

These are the neighbourhoods and districts that have the postcode number 8702.

Districts by postcode number 8702

Districts using the postcode number 8702 in Bolsward.

Neighbours to postcode number 8702

The neighbourhoods that use the postcode number 8702 in Bolsward.

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