Postcode number 9047 in Minnertsga

Searhcing for the postcodes near 9047? There are 68 postcodes that have the postcode number 9047 in Minnertsga. 9047 is a postcode number in the place Minnertsga within the municipalityWaadhoeke in the province Friesland. There are 44 streets that have as postcode number 9047 in Minnertsga.

There are 2 districts that use 9047 as postcode number, that are the districts:Wijk 02 Zuid and .

  • province Friesland
  • municipality Waadhoeke
  • place Minnertsga
  • number of districts 2 districts
  • number of neighbourhoods 4 neighbourhoods
  • number of streets 44 streets
  • number of postcodes 68 postcodes

Postcodes and streets for postcode number 9047

In the overview below you will find all postcodes and streets with the postcode number 9047.

9047HGAlmasingel 1 t/m 21Minnertsga
9047HHStinzelân 1 t/m 40Minnertsga
9047HJLange Dyk 1 t/m 35Minnertsga
9047HKLange Dyk 4 t/m 40Minnertsga
9047HLStasjonsstrjitte 1 t/m 23Minnertsga
9047HMMoledyk 1 t/m 8Minnertsga
9047HNRispinge 1 t/m 11Minnertsga
9047HPScheltingawei 1 t/m 6Minnertsga
9047HRHege Buorren 1 t/m 45Minnertsga
9047HSHege Buorren 8 t/m 54Minnertsga
9047HTDe Kamp 1 t/m 20Minnertsga
9047HVVikarijbuorren 19 t/m 31Minnertsga
9047HWVikarijbuorren 33 t/m 63Minnertsga
9047HXVikarijbuorren 2 t/m 6Minnertsga
9047HZVikarijbuorren 8 t/m 42Minnertsga
9047JAHermanawei 1 t/m 13Minnertsga
9047JBHermanawei 27 t/m 73Minnertsga
9047JCHermanawei 2 t/m 42Minnertsga
9047JDHermanawei 44 t/m 70Minnertsga
9047JEBoskdykje 1 t/m 1Minnertsga
9047JGD. Miedemastrjitte 1 t/m 27Minnertsga
9047JHP.B. Winsemiusstrjitte 1 t/m 27Minnertsga
9047JJP.B. Winsemiusstrjitte 29 t/m 51Minnertsga
9047JKP.B. Winsemiusstrjitte 2 t/m 16Minnertsga
9047JLP.B. Winsemiusstrjitte 20 t/m 50Minnertsga
9047JMCollot d'Escurystrjitte 1 t/m 31Minnertsga
9047JNCollot d'Escurystrjitte 2 t/m 24Minnertsga
9047JPCollot d'Escurystrjitte 26 t/m 40Minnertsga
9047JRFjildleane 2 t/m 49Minnertsga
9047JSSkoalstrjitte 1 t/m 23Minnertsga
9047JVTsjerkestrjitte 1 t/m 43Minnertsga
9047JWTsjerkestrjitte 4 t/m 42Minnertsga
9047JXLytse Buorren 1 t/m 11Minnertsga
9047JZHavenstrjitte 1 t/m 35Minnertsga
9047KAHavenstrjitte 10 t/m 38Minnertsga
9047KBMeinardswei 2 t/m 30Minnertsga
9047KCMeinardswei 32 t/m 66Minnertsga
9047KDMeinardswei 1 t/m 86Minnertsga
9047KETsjillen 2 t/m 26Minnertsga
9047KGTilledyk 5 t/m 33Minnertsga
9047KHTilledyk 35 t/m 71Minnertsga
9047KJTilledyk 12 t/m 16Minnertsga
9047KKTilledyk 20 t/m 64Minnertsga
9047KLKoarnbeurs 6 t/m 10Minnertsga
9047KMFerniawei 1 t/m 15Minnertsga
9047KNFerniawei 21 t/m 35Minnertsga
9047KPFerniawei 2 t/m 38Minnertsga
9047KRS.R. Faberstrjitte 1 t/m 8Minnertsga
9047KSde Finne 1 t/m 39Minnertsga
9047KTde Finne 4 t/m 46Minnertsga
9047KVColkesyl 1 t/m 7Minnertsga
9047KWde Opfeart 1 t/m 26Minnertsga
9047LADe Feartswâl 2 t/m 16Minnertsga
9047LBit String 1 t/m 16Minnertsga
9047LCde Houwen 1 t/m 12Minnertsga
9047VAHearewei 2 t/m 26Verspreide huizen Sint Jacobiparochie
9047VCGriene Dyk 1 t/m 3Verspreide huizen Minnertsga
9047VDHoarnestreek 1 t/m 15Verspreide huizen Minnertsga
9047VESmelle Leane 1 t/m 1Verspreide huizen Minnertsga
9047VGTjessingawei 1 t/m 9Verspreide huizen Minnertsga
9047VHSixma van Andlawei 1 t/m 29Minnertsga
9047VJW. Binnemaleane 1 t/m 14Verspreide huizen Minnertsga
9047VKHaitsmaleane 3 t/m 5Verspreide huizen Minnertsga
9047VLBeintenwei 1 t/m 1Verspreide huizen Minnertsga
9047VMMiedleane 1 t/m 25Minnertsga
9047VNMoaije Peal 1 t/m 6Verspreide huizen Minnertsga
9047ZXPostbus 0 t/m 10000

Districts and neighbourhoods at 9047 in Minnertsga

These are the neighbourhoods and districts that have the postcode number 9047.

Districts by postcode number 9047

Districts using the postcode number 9047 in Minnertsga.

Neighbours to postcode number 9047

The neighbourhoods that use the postcode number 9047 in Minnertsga.

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