Postcode number 8567 in Oudemirdum

Searhcing for the postcodes near 8567? There are 55 postcodes that have the postcode number 8567 in Oudemirdum. 8567 is a postcode number in the place Oudemirdum within the municipalityDe Fryske Marren in the province Friesland. There are 39 streets that have as postcode number 8567 in Oudemirdum.

There is 1 district that has the postcode number 8567, that is the district Wijk 31 Oudemirdum; .

  • province Friesland
  • municipality De Fryske Marren
  • place Oudemirdum
  • number of districts 1 district
  • number of neighbourhoods 1 neighbourhood
  • number of streets 39 streets
  • number of postcodes 55 postcodes

Postcodes and streets for postcode number 8567

In the overview below you will find all postcodes and streets with the postcode number 8567.

8567HAKippenburg 1 t/m 5Oudemirdum
8567HBSminkewei 7 t/m 10Oudemirdum
8567HCKooilaan 1 t/m 3Oudemirdum
8567HDBeukenlaan 1 t/m 13Oudemirdum
8567HEBeukenlaan Z 1 t/m 36Oudemirdum
8567HGBeukenlaan Z 14 t/m 40Oudemirdum
8567HHJan Schotanuswei 57 t/m 110Oudemirdum
8567HJOude Balksterweg 1 t/m 9Oudemirdum
8567HKSkouleane 1 t/m 8Oudemirdum
8567HLMarderhoek 1 t/m 7Oudemirdum
8567HMLiemerige Wei 2 t/m 8Oudemirdum
8567HNDe Houtwâl 2 t/m 2Oudemirdum
8567HPDe Dollen 2 t/m 12Oudemirdum
8567HSStiendollen 1 t/m 41Oudemirdum
8567HTStiendollen 2 t/m 28Oudemirdum
8567HVLiemdobben 5 t/m 13Oudemirdum
8567HWLiemdobben 2 t/m 24Oudemirdum
8567HXWyldpaed 1 t/m 4Oudemirdum
8567JAGrôtbuorren 2 t/m 6Oudemirdum
8567JBHeidepaed 10 t/m 10Oudemirdum
8567JBSminkewei 1 t/m 5Oudemirdum
8567JCBoegen 1 t/m 12Oudemirdum
8567JDDe Brink 1 t/m 24Oudemirdum
8567JEKerkstraat 1 t/m 27Oudemirdum
8567JGKerkstraat 4 t/m 18Oudemirdum
8567JHKerkstraat 20 t/m 58Oudemirdum
8567JJDe Lysterfanger 1 t/m 8Oudemirdum
8567JKDe Ikebosker 1 t/m 35Oudemirdum
8567JLDe Ikebosker 6 t/m 66Oudemirdum
8567JMDe Snipfanger 1 t/m 11Oudemirdum
8567JPBinnenwei 1 t/m 10Oudemirdum
8567JRGaestwei 1 t/m 27Oudemirdum
8567JSGaestwei 2 t/m 36Oudemirdum
8567JTFonteinwei 1 t/m 23Oudemirdum
8567JVDe Flechtreed 1 t/m 27Oudemirdum
8567JWDe Kwikkebei 1 t/m 11Oudemirdum
8567JXStar Numanwei 1 t/m 11Oudemirdum
8567JZHoitebuorren 1 t/m 13Oudemirdum
8567KADe Bûgel 1 t/m 23Oudemirdum
8567KBDe Stobberoeier 1 t/m 7Oudemirdum
8567KCDe Flechtreed 12 t/m 55Oudemirdum
8567LAJan Schotanuswei 5 t/m 36Oudemirdum
8567LBJan Schotanuswei 25 t/m 40Oudemirdum
8567LCJan Schotanuswei 33 t/m 68Oudemirdum
8567LDJan Schotanuswei 37 t/m 88Oudemirdum
8567LEJan Schotanuswei 53 t/m 98Oudemirdum
8567LGDe Alde Buorren 2 t/m 30Oudemirdum
8567LHLege Leane 1 t/m 33Oudemirdum
8567LJLege Leane 2 t/m 26Oudemirdum
8567LKRoune Leane 1 t/m 11Oudemirdum
8567LLHuningspaed 2 t/m 23Oudemirdum
8567LMDe Bûterkamp 1 t/m 6Oudemirdum
8567LNDe Grintfisker 1 t/m 29Oudemirdum
8567LPDe Grintfisker 24 t/m 42Oudemirdum

Districts and neighbourhoods at 8567 in Oudemirdum

These are the neighbourhoods and districts that have the postcode number 8567.

Districts by postcode number 8567

Districts using the postcode number 8567 in Oudemirdum.

Neighbours to postcode number 8567

The neighbourhoods that use the postcode number 8567 in Oudemirdum.

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