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All postal codes in the Netherlands

Easily find all postal codes of the Netherlands, daily updates to ensure relevant postcodes and address data. From population figures, surfaces and land registery information all bundled on one postcode site!

Postal codes and Addresses

On we have listed alle postal codes and addresses of the Netherlands so you can easily find any postal code and address from any province, municipality and city.

Up to Date

The postal code and address information are frequently updated, to ensure displays only revelant and up to date postal information.

Postal Code API has made a API available so any business or indivual can easily request the latest postal information throughtout the postal code API. This postal code API is currently in private beta.

All postal codes, addresses and streets

Every postal code, street and address of municipalities and cities in the Netherlands. Easily find a postal code related to an address or a streetname by postal code.

Besides the postal codes, we show demografic information per city, municipality and province.

Provinces banner

Postal codes by province

Find postal codes, streets and addresses by province. Check all postal codes of the 12 provinces the Netherlands has.

provinces & postal codes
Cities banner

Postal codes by city

All postal codes, addresses and streets by city, an interactive map and demographic information on cities.

places & postal codes

Postal codes by municipality

Every municipality has their own postal codes, easily find any municipality and the corresponding streets, addresses and postal codes.

municipalities & postal codes


Find streets, addresses and postal codes by province. The following lists include all the 12 provinces of the Netherlands.

Cities with the most postal codes

The following cities are holding the most postal codes of all the cities in the Netherlands.