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Provinces of the Netherlands

What are the postcodes of the provinces? On this page you will find postcode information about the 12 provinces of the Netherlands. In total there are 473 007 postcodes and 128 674 streets in the Netherlands. These postcodes and streets are in 2 501 cities within the 380 municipalities in the Netherlands. Looking for a specific postcode? You can view all postcodes on multiple levels, from province, municipality and city, to district, neighbourhood and street.

  • number of provinces 12 provinces
  • number of places 2 501 places
  • number of municipalities 380 municipalities
  • population density 411 inhabitants per km2
  • inhabitants 17 260 570 inhabitants
  • households 7 360 570 households
  • postcodes 473 007 postcodes
  • streets 128 674 streets
  • districts 2 981 districts
  • neighbourhoods 12 822 neighbourhoods

Overview of the provinces of the Netherlands

In the overview below you will find all the provinces of the Netherlands with the corresponding numbers of postcodes and streets. Find the underlying postcodes and streets for each province.

Drenthe18 808 postcodes7 419 straten
Flevoland11 518 postcodes4 846 straten
Friesland21 228 postcodes9 707 straten
Gelderland69 032 postcodes23 775 straten
Groningen21 665 postcodes7 987 straten
Limburg32 268 postcodes13 831 straten
Noord-Brabant63 070 postcodes25 963 straten
Noord-Holland71 720 postcodes20 767 straten
Overijssel27 710 postcodes11 067 straten
Utrecht34 322 postcodes12 930 straten

Postcodes and streets

The provinces of the Netherlands act as the regional level of government between the central government and the municipalities in the Netherlands. For example, when decisions have to be made about building plans for a new hospital, which also requires new postcodes.

Provincial classification

In the past century, the cabinet has already made a number of proposals to reduce the 12 provinces of the Netherlands to 6 to 7. A change in the provinces will not affect the postcode distribution.

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