Postcode number 8934 in Leeuwarden

Searhcing for the postcodes near 8934? There are 58 postcodes that have the postcode number 8934 in Leeuwarden. 8934 is a postcode number in the place Leeuwarden within the municipalityLeeuwarden in the province Friesland. There are 33 streets that have as postcode number 8934 in Leeuwarden.

There are 2 districts that use 8934 as postcode number, that are the districts:Wijk 43 Huizum-Oost and Wijk 40 Achter de Hoven.

  • province Friesland
  • municipality Leeuwarden
  • place Leeuwarden
  • number of districts 2 districts
  • number of neighbourhoods 3 neighbourhoods
  • number of streets 33 streets
  • number of postcodes 58 postcodes

Postcodes and streets for postcode number 8934

In the overview below you will find all postcodes and streets with the postcode number 8934.

8934AAAldlânsdyk 5 t/m 11Huizum-Badweg
8934AABadweg 2 t/m 4Huizum-Badweg
8934ABBorniastraat 53 t/m 79Huizum-Bornia
8934ACBorniastraat 81 t/m 143Huizum-Bornia
8934ADHenri Dunantweg 2 t/m 6Huizum-Badweg
8934ADBorniastraat 32 t/m 40Huizum-Badweg
8934AEDoniastraat 1 t/m 11Huizum-Bornia
8934AHDoniastraat 2 t/m 80Huizum-Bornia
8934ALSierksmastraat 1 t/m 65Huizum-Bornia
8934AMSierksmastraat 2 t/m 32Huizum-Bornia
8934ANAebingastraat 1 t/m 5Huizum-Bornia
8934APWiardastraat 1 t/m 35Huizum-Bornia
8934ARWiardastraat 2 t/m 40Huizum-Bornia
8934ASSportlaan 1 t/m 33Huizum-Bornia
8934ATSportlaan 2 t/m 38Huizum-Bornia
8934AVFeytsmastraat 1 t/m 13Huizum-Bornia
8934AWHeringastraat 1 t/m 25Huizum-Bornia
8934AXJouwsmastraat 1 t/m 35Huizum-Bornia
8934AZJouwsmastraat 2 t/m 34Huizum-Bornia
8934BABuygersstraat 1 t/m 39Huizum-Bornia
8934BBBuygersstraat 2 t/m 32Huizum-Bornia
8934BCHuizumerlaan 3 t/m 19Huizum-Bornia
8934BDHuizumerlaan 25 t/m 67Huizum-Bornia
8934BEHuizumerlaan 75 t/m 125Huizum-Bornia
8934BGHuizumerlaan 127 t/m 159Huizum-Dorp
8934BHHuizumerlaan 14 t/m 50Huizum-Bornia
8934BJHuizumerlaan 52 t/m 60Huizum-Bornia
8934BKHuizumerlaan 102 t/m 120Huizum-Bornia
8934BLHuizumerlaan 122 t/m 164Huizum-Bornia
8934BMJansoniusstraat 1 t/m 47Huizum-Dorp
8934BPHuizum-Dorp 3 t/m 16Huizum-Dorp
8934BSHuizum-Dorp 17 t/m 100Huizum-Dorp
8934BTTijnjedijk 1 t/m 22Huizum-Dorp
8934BVDrachtsterweg 2 t/m 8Huizum-Dorp
8934BWBadweg 1 t/m 1Huizum-Badweg
8934BXPasveerweg 1 t/m 40Huizum-Dorp
8934BZPieter Meeterstraat 2 t/m 28Huizum-Dorp
8934CATjallingaweg 2 t/m 20Huizum-Dorp
8934CBTjallingaweg 21 t/m 47Huizum-Dorp
8934CCde Pelsweg 1 t/m 12Huizum-Dorp
8934CDDuivesteinstraat 1 t/m 19Huizum-Bornia
8934CEDuivesteinstraat 2 t/m 16Huizum-Bornia
8934CGvan Wageningenstraat 1 t/m 25Huizum-Bornia
8934CHvan Wageningenstraat 27 t/m 55Huizum-Bornia
8934CJAgora 1 t/m 8Huizum-Bornia
8934CMDe Citrus 2 t/m 4Huizum-Dorp
8934CNDe Pirus 2 t/m 8Huizum-Dorp
8934CPDe Rubus 1 t/m 19Huizum-Dorp
8934CRDe Prunus 1 t/m 51Huizum-Dorp
8934CSDe Malus 2 t/m 6Huizum-Dorp
8934CVDe Malus 3 t/m 63Huizum-Dorp
8934CWDe Malus 67 t/m 127Huizum-Dorp
8934CXDe Malus 131 t/m 219Huizum-Dorp
8934DADe Oerset 1 t/m 34Huizum-Dorp
8934DBDe Opslach 1 t/m 33Huizum-Dorp
8934DCDe Opslach 4 t/m 52Huizum-Dorp
8934DDDe Opslach 56 t/m 98Huizum-Dorp

Districts and neighbourhoods at 8934 in Leeuwarden

These are the neighbourhoods and districts that have the postcode number 8934.

Districts by postcode number 8934

Districts using the postcode number 8934 in Leeuwarden.

Neighbours to postcode number 8934

The neighbourhoods that use the postcode number 8934 in Leeuwarden.

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