districts in De Fryske Marren

What are the districts of De Fryske Marren? On this page you will find an overview of the districts in De Fryske Marren. De Fryske Marren counts 51 districts. The largest district of De Fryske Marren is Wijk 19 Joure with an surface area of 1 904 km2. The district with the highest population density is the district Wijk 03 Balk with 1 164 inhabitants per square km.

overview De Fryske Marren districts

In the overview below you will find all the districts of De Fryske Marren with the neighbourhoods in the districts. Find the underlying postcodes and streets for each district.

Wijk 01 Akmarijp
Wijk 02 Bakhuizen
Wijk 03 Balk
Wijk 04 Bantega
Wijk 05 Boornzwaag
Wijk 06 Broek
Wijk 07 Delfstrahuizen
Wijk 08 Dijken
Wijk 09 Doniaga
Wijk 10 Echten
Wijk 11 Echtenerbrug
Wijk 12 Eesterga
Wijk 13 Elahuizen
Wijk 14 Follega
Wijk 15 Goingarijp
Wijk 16 Harich
Wijk 17 Haskerhorne
Wijk 18 Idskenhuizen
Wijk 19 Joure
Wijk 20 Kolderwolde
Wijk 21 Langweer
Wijk 22 Legemeer
Wijk 23 Lemmer
Wijk 24 Mirns
Wijk 25 Nijehaske
Wijk 26 Nijemirdum
Wijk 27 Oldeouwer
Wijk 28 Oosterzee
Wijk 29 Oudega
Wijk 30 Oudehaske
Wijk 32 Ouwsterhaule
Wijk 33 Ouwster-Nijega
Wijk 34 Rijs
Wijk 35 Rohel
Wijk 36 Rotstergaast
Wijk 37 Rotsterhaule
Wijk 38 Rottum
Wijk 39 Ruigahuizen
Wijk 40 Scharsterbrug
Wijk 41 Sint Nicolaasga
Wijk 42 Sinjohannesga
Wijk 43 Sloten
Wijk 44 Snikzwaag
Wijk 45 Sondel
Wijk 46 Terherne
Wijk 47 Terkaple
Wijk 48 Teroele
Wijk 49 Tjerkgaast
Wijk 50 Vegelinsoord
Wijk 51 Wijckel
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