Postcode number 9216 in Oudega

Searhcing for the postcodes near 9216? There are 60 postcodes that have the postcode number 9216 in Oudega. 9216 is a postcode number in the place Oudega within the municipalitySmallingerland in the province Friesland. There are 48 streets that have as postcode number 9216 in Oudega.

There are 2 districts that use 9216 as postcode number, that are the districts:Wijk 01 Overig Smallingerland and .

  • province Friesland
  • municipality Smallingerland
  • place Oudega
  • number of districts 2 districts
  • number of neighbourhoods 2 neighbourhoods
  • number of streets 48 streets
  • number of postcodes 60 postcodes

Postcodes and streets for postcode number 9216

In the overview below you will find all postcodes and streets with the postcode number 9216.

9216VAGoartersreed 1 t/m 1Oudega
9216VAPasterijereed 5 t/m 5Oudega
9216VBSânbuorren 1 t/m 53Oudega
9216VCSânbuorren 2 t/m 42Oudega
9216VDMounehoek 2 t/m 11Oudega
9216VESkoallereed 1 t/m 16Oudega
9216VGMounpaed 1 t/m 1Oudega
9216VHAchterwei 1 t/m 39Oudega
9216VJGariperwei 1 t/m 75Oudega
9216VKGariperwei 2 t/m 54Oudega
9216VLOpperbuorren-East 1 t/m 9Oudega
9216VMOpperbuorren-West 1 t/m 5Oudega
9216VNAldegeasterdyk 1 t/m 13Oudega
9216VPIt Krûmdeel 2 t/m 54Oudega
9216VRIt Krûmdeel 56 t/m 74Oudega
9216VSPotskipper 1 t/m 7Oudega
9216VTSmidterij 2 t/m 42Oudega
9216VVDs Carsjenssingel 2 t/m 89Oudega
9216VWWeinmakkerij 1 t/m 10Oudega
9216WBBuorren 1 t/m 37Oudega
9216WCBuorren 39 t/m 55Oudega
9216WDBuorren 2 t/m 18Oudega
9216WEBuorren 22 t/m 52Oudega
9216WGGreat Haersmawei 1 t/m 19Oudega
9216WHSlotsingel 7 t/m 32Oudega
9216WJDe Wear 1 t/m 50Oudega
9216WKJachtweide 3 t/m 16Oudega
9216WLDwarssingel 1 t/m 41Oudega
9216WNDwarssingel 2 t/m 28Oudega
9216WPOp 'e Wâl 1 t/m 10Oudega
9216WROp 'e Wâl 2 t/m 2Oudega
9216WSFabrykswei 4 t/m 22Oudega
9216WTEastersânning 2 t/m 6Oudega
9216WVEastersânning 1 t/m 37Oudega
9216WVIt Soal 2 t/m 6Oudega
9216WXLangdeel 1 t/m 30Oudega
9216WZRoundeel 1 t/m 31Oudega
9216XARoundeel 50 t/m 72Oudega
9216XBUtein 2 t/m 34Oudega
9216XCManjepetswei 3 t/m 19Oudega
9216XDIt West 1 t/m 67Oudega
9216XEIt West 2 t/m 76Oudega
9216XGArkepôlle 2 t/m 3Oudega
9216XGDe Tsjollen 4 t/m 4Oudega
9216XHWestersânning 1 t/m 26Oudega
9216XJGeau 2 t/m 321Oudega
9216XKEksteursreed 1 t/m 2Oudega
9216XLDykfinne 2 t/m 16Oudega
9216XMWolwarren 1 t/m 18Oudega
9216XNDe Koai 1 t/m 3Oudega
9216XPHeadammen 1 t/m 321Oudega
9216XRHegewarren 1 t/m 40Oudega
9216XSSkeane Heawei 1 t/m 25Oudega
9216XTDe Geasten 1 t/m 10Oudega
9216XVSkieppekampen 6 t/m 8Oudega
9216XWGoudtsjepoel 1 t/m 6Oudega
9216XXGealânswei 1 t/m 4Oudega
9216XZSytebuorren 1 t/m 4Oudega
9216ZHPostbus 0 t/m 10000

Districts and neighbourhoods at 9216 in Oudega

These are the neighbourhoods and districts that have the postcode number 9216.

Districts by postcode number 9216

Districts using the postcode number 9216 in Oudega.

Neighbours to postcode number 9216

The neighbourhoods that use the postcode number 9216 in Oudega.

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