Postcode number 8465 in Oudehaske

Searhcing for the postcodes near 8465? There are 56 postcodes that have the postcode number 8465 in Oudehaske. 8465 is a postcode number in the place Oudehaske within the municipalityDe Fryske Marren in the province Friesland. There are 30 streets that have as postcode number 8465 in Oudehaske.

There is 1 district that has the postcode number 8465, that is the district Wijk 30 Oudehaske; .

  • province Friesland
  • municipality De Fryske Marren
  • place Oudehaske
  • number of districts 1 district
  • number of neighbourhoods 1 neighbourhood
  • number of streets 30 streets
  • number of postcodes 56 postcodes

Postcodes and streets for postcode number 8465

In the overview below you will find all postcodes and streets with the postcode number 8465.

8465HPHaskerpoarte 2 t/m 2Oudehaske
8465MAPipegaal 1 t/m 15Oudehaske
8465MBBaggelbak 1 t/m 10Oudehaske
8465NMBadweg 1 t/m 39Oudehaske
8465NNBadweg 2 t/m 32Oudehaske
8465PAJousterweg 1 t/m 49Oudehaske
8465PBJousterweg 51 t/m 89Oudehaske
8465PBSiebe de Ruiterweg 1 t/m 2Oudehaske
8465PCJousterweg 91 t/m 129Oudehaske
8465PDJousterweg 133 t/m 165Oudehaske
8465PDKerkepad 1 t/m 4Oudehaske
8465PEJousterweg 167 t/m 203Oudehaske
8465PGJousterweg 207 t/m 243Oudehaske
8465PGPlasse 1 t/m 5Oudehaske
8465PHJousterweg 245 t/m 289Oudehaske
8465PJJousterweg 2 t/m 32Oudehaske
8465PKJousterweg 36 t/m 66Oudehaske
8465PLJousterweg 68 t/m 94Oudehaske
8465PMJousterweg 98 t/m 112Oudehaske
8465PNJousterweg 114 t/m 144Oudehaske
8465PPJousterweg 146 t/m 176Oudehaske
8465PRJousterweg 178 t/m 208Oudehaske
8465PSWiidswâl 1 t/m 39Oudehaske
8465PTWiidswâl 41 t/m 79Oudehaske
8465PVWiidswâl 2 t/m 40Oudehaske
8465PWDe Hoge Bouwen 1 t/m 23Oudehaske
8465PXWibrandus van Haschastraat 1 t/m 17Oudehaske
8465PZWibrandus van Haschastraat 2 t/m 30Oudehaske
8465RAMarten Jansstraat 1 t/m 23Oudehaske
8465RBMarten Jansstraat 2 t/m 16Oudehaske
8465RDDe Vervening 2 t/m 36Oudehaske
8465REDe Vervening 1 t/m 53Oudehaske
8465RGJasker 1 t/m 17Oudehaske
8465RHJasker 2 t/m 16Oudehaske
8465RJHaskerfinne 2 t/m 40Oudehaske
8465RKHaskerfinne 3 t/m 17Oudehaske
8465RLToel 3 t/m 45Oudehaske
8465RMToel 2 t/m 30Oudehaske
8465RNToel 32 t/m 58Oudehaske
8465RPBaalder 1 t/m 19Oudehaske
8465RRTurfstûke 1 t/m 25Oudehaske
8465RSReidkraach 1 t/m 22Oudehaske
8465RTTurfkoer 1 t/m 21Oudehaske
8465RVTurfkoer 2 t/m 32Oudehaske
8465RWBûgel 1 t/m 39Oudehaske
8465RXAppelhôf 1 t/m 21Oudehaske
8465SBDe Dolten 2 t/m 8Oudehaske
8465SCLange Ekers 10 t/m 15Oudehaske
8465SESiebe de Ruiterweg 3 t/m 5Oudehaske
8465SJHasker Utgongen 1 t/m 12Oudehaske
8465SKGrevelinkboskje 2 t/m 6Oudehaske
8465SLHaskermieden 1 t/m 28Oudehaske
8465SMHaskertille 1 t/m 33Oudehaske
8465SNMenning 2 t/m 34Oudehaske
8465SVMenning 1 t/m 33Oudehaske

Districts and neighbourhoods at 8465 in Oudehaske

These are the neighbourhoods and districts that have the postcode number 8465.

Districts by postcode number 8465

Districts using the postcode number 8465 in Oudehaske.

Neighbours to postcode number 8465

The neighbourhoods that use the postcode number 8465 in Oudehaske.

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