neighbourhoods in Brunssum

What are the neighbourhoods of Brunssum? On this page you will find an overview of neighbourhoods in Brunssum. Brunssum has a total of 45 neighbourhoods. The largest neighbourhood of Brunssum is De Eggen with an surface of 37 km2. The neighbourhood with the highest population density is the neighbourhood Lemmender with 7 824 inhabitants per square km.

  • provinceLimburg
  • municipalityBrunssum
  • number of neighbourhoods45 neighbourhoods
  • neighbourhood with the largest surfaceDe Eggen
  • neighbourhood with most inhabitants per km2Lemmender
  • neighbourhood with most married couplesAmstenraderveld
  • neighbourhood with most 1 person householdsVijverpark
  • neighbourhood with most children per householdRode Beek
  • neighbourhood with most people over 65Buitengebied

overview Brunssum neighbourhoods

In the overview below you will find all the neighbourhoods of Brunssum with the corresponding district. Find the underlying postcodes and streets in each neighbourhood.

Achter de PutWijk 05 Brunssum-Centrum
AmstenraderveldWijk 01 Brunssum-West
BexdelleWijk 02 Brunssum-Noord
BouwbergWijk 03 Brunssum-Oost
BrandenbergWijk 04 Brunssum-Zuid
Brunssumer HeideWijk 04 Brunssum-Zuid
BuitengebiedWijk 02 Brunssum-Noord
CentrumWijk 05 Brunssum-Centrum
De EggenWijk 03 Brunssum-Oost
De HeideWijk 03 Brunssum-Oost
De HemelderWijk 05 Brunssum-Centrum
De KattekoelenWijk 03 Brunssum-Oost
De KlingWijk 02 Brunssum-Noord
De StreekWijk 02 Brunssum-Noord
De StruikenWijk 04 Brunssum-Zuid
DouvenbergWijk 04 Brunssum-Zuid
EmmaWijk 01 Brunssum-West
HaansbergWijk 05 Brunssum-Centrum
Hendrik en omgevingWijk 03 Brunssum-Oost
Het HeufkenWijk 02 Brunssum-Noord
HofpoelWijk 05 Brunssum-Centrum
HouserveldWijk 02 Brunssum-Noord
KerkeveldWijk 05 Brunssum-Centrum
KleikoelenWijk 03 Brunssum-Oost
KlingbemdenWijk 02 Brunssum-Noord
KlingelsbergWijk 01 Brunssum-West
KoutenveldWijk 05 Brunssum-Centrum
KruisbergWijk 05 Brunssum-Centrum
LangenbergWijk 04 Brunssum-Zuid
LemmenderWijk 02 Brunssum-Noord
OelovenWijk 03 Brunssum-Oost
Op de VaardWijk 05 Brunssum-Centrum
Op de VosWijk 01 Brunssum-West
Op den HaanWijk 02 Brunssum-Noord
Op gen HoesWijk 03 Brunssum-Oost
Ora et LaboraWijk 03 Brunssum-Oost
Rode BeekWijk 03 Brunssum-Oost
RozengaardWijk 02 Brunssum-Noord
Rumpener BeemdenWijk 05 Brunssum-Centrum
SchuttersveldWijk 03 Brunssum-Oost
Treebeek-NoordWijk 01 Brunssum-West
Treebeek-ZuidWijk 01 Brunssum-West
VijverparkWijk 05 Brunssum-Centrum
VondelstraatWijk 04 Brunssum-Zuid
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