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Dorpsstraat in Nijeveen

Dorpsstraat, street in Nijeveen

Dorpsstraat has postal code 7948BL and is located in Nijeveen within the municipality Meppel in the province Drenthe.

Postal codes of street Dorpsstraat

addresspostal codeplacemunicipality
Dorpsstraat 3-417948BLNijeveenMeppel
Dorpsstraat 43-877948BMNijeveenMeppel
Dorpsstraat 89-1377948BNNijeveenMeppel
Dorpsstraat 139-1577948BPNijeveenMeppel
Dorpsstraat 2-227948BRNijeveenMeppel
Dorpsstraat 24-587948BSNijeveenMeppel
Dorpsstraat 60-1047948BTNijeveenMeppel