Postcode number 9243 in Bakkeveen

Searhcing for the postcodes near 9243? There are 55 postcodes that have the postcode number 9243 in Bakkeveen. 9243 is a postcode number in the place Bakkeveen within the municipalityOpsterland in the province Friesland. There are 44 streets that have as postcode number 9243 in Bakkeveen.

There are 2 districts that use 9243 as postcode number, that are the districts:Wijk 05 Bakkeveen and .

  • province Friesland
  • municipality Opsterland
  • place Bakkeveen
  • number of districts 2 districts
  • number of neighbourhoods 3 neighbourhoods
  • number of streets 44 streets
  • number of postcodes 55 postcodes

Postcodes and streets for postcode number 9243

In the overview below you will find all postcodes and streets with the postcode number 9243.

9243JABoskleane 1 t/m 56Bakkeveen
9243JBBoskkamp 1 t/m 49Bakkeveen
9243JCBoskkamp 2 t/m 50Bakkeveen
9243JDMerskekamp 1 t/m 42Bakkeveen
9243JEGreate Kamp 2 t/m 64Bakkeveen
9243JGFinnekamp 1 t/m 21Bakkeveen
9243JHSkarkamp 2 t/m 16Bakkeveen
9243JJHeidkamp 1 t/m 22Bakkeveen
9243JKDwarskamp 1 t/m 33Bakkeveen
9243JLWeverswâl 1 t/m 19Bakkeveen
9243JMWeverswâl 21 t/m 40Bakkeveen
9243JNStoukamp 1 t/m 25Bakkeveen
9243JPNije Buorren 3 t/m 41Bakkeveen
9243JRNije Buorren 2 t/m 44Bakkeveen
9243JSAlde Drintse Wei 1 t/m 18Bakkeveen
9243JTTsjerkewâl 1 t/m 19Bakkeveen
9243JVTsjerkewâl 20 t/m 32Bakkeveen
9243JWMandewyk 1 t/m 19Bakkeveen
9243JXMandewyk 2 t/m 37Verspreide huizen Bakkeveen
9243JZFoarwurker Wei 1 t/m 12Bakkeveen
9243KADuerswâldmer Wei 1 t/m 19Bakkeveen
9243KBBrink 1 t/m 4Bakkeveen
9243KCHoutwâl 2 t/m 14Bakkeveen
9243KDScheltingalân 2 t/m 4Bakkeveen
9243KEScheltingalân 1 t/m 7Bakkeveen
9243KGAylvalân 2 t/m 22Bakkeveen
9243KHAylvalân 1 t/m 13Bakkeveen
9243KJLange Singel 1 t/m 43Bakkeveen
9243KKBurmanialân 1 t/m 32Bakkeveen
9243KLBlauhûs 2 t/m 16Bakkeveen
9243KNLytse Kamp 1 t/m 39Bakkeveen
9243KPKleasterkamp 1 t/m 29Bakkeveen
9243KREcofeen 1 t/m 37Bakkeveen
9243KSSjoerdlân 1 t/m 20Bakkeveen
9243KTTjaerdlân 4 t/m 10Bakkeveen
9243KVNoardkamp 1 t/m 15Bakkeveen
9243KWNoardkamp 2 t/m 20Bakkeveen
9243KXDouwelân 1 t/m 25Bakkeveen
9243KZKoarte Singel 1 t/m 8Bakkeveen
9243SCMandefjild 1 t/m 21Verspreide huizen Bakkeveen
9243SENije Drintse Wei 1 t/m 8Verspreide huizen Bakkeveen
9243SGJarig van der Wielen Wei 1 t/m 25Verspreide huizen Bakkeveen
9243SHJarig van der Wielen Wei 2 t/m 36Verspreide huizen Bakkeveen
9243SJMjûmster Wei 2 t/m 25Bakkeveen
9243SKMjûmster Wei 14 t/m 51Bakkeveen
9243SKSlotleane 1 t/m 4Verspreide huizen Bakkeveen
9243SLVerlengde Scheidingsweg 1 t/m 1Verspreide huizen Bakkeveen
9243WBNijefeansterwei 1 t/m 5Verspreide huizen Bakkeveen
9243WCKreilen 1 t/m 10Verspreide huizen Bakkeveen
9243WDDjippegatspaed 1 t/m 3Verspreide huizen Bakkeveen
9243WEDe Bult 1 t/m 12Verspreide huizen Bakkeveen
9243WGDe Biskop 1 t/m 15Verspreide huizen Bakkeveen
9243WHLeidyk 1 t/m 3Verspreide huizen Bakkeveen
9243ZMPostbus 0 t/m 10000

Districts and neighbourhoods at 9243 in Bakkeveen

These are the neighbourhoods and districts that have the postcode number 9243.

Districts by postcode number 9243

Districts using the postcode number 9243 in Bakkeveen.

Neighbours to postcode number 9243

The neighbourhoods that use the postcode number 9243 in Bakkeveen.

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