Postcode number 9283 in Surhuizum

Searhcing for the postcodes near 9283? There are 49 postcodes that have the postcode number 9283 in Surhuizum. 9283 is a postcode number in the place Surhuizum within the municipalityAchtkarspelen in the province Friesland. There are 30 streets that have as postcode number 9283 in Surhuizum.

There is 1 district that has the postcode number 9283, that is the district Wijk 02 Zuid; .

  • province Friesland
  • municipality Achtkarspelen
  • place Surhuizum
  • number of districts 1 district
  • number of neighbourhoods 2 neighbourhoods
  • number of streets 30 streets
  • number of postcodes 49 postcodes

Postcodes and streets for postcode number 9283

In the overview below you will find all postcodes and streets with the postcode number 9283.

9283TAIt Noard 1 t/m 29Surhuizum
9283TBIt Noard 2 t/m 20Surhuizum
9283TCDoarpsstrjitte 1 t/m 27Surhuizum
9283TDDoarpsstrjitte 31 t/m 41Surhuizum
9283TDIt Langpaed 1 t/m 8Surhuizum
9283TEDoarpsstrjitte 2 t/m 24Surhuizum
9283TGDoarpsstrjitte 26 t/m 56Surhuizum
9283THC.Schuurmanwei 2 t/m 18Surhuizum
9283TJLustenburg 1 t/m 23Surhuizum
9283TKLustenburg 25 t/m 47Surhuizum
9283TLvan Haersmastrjitte 1 t/m 5Surhuizum
9283TLLustenburg 2 t/m 22Surhuizum
9283TMLustenburg 26 t/m 56Surhuizum
9283TNH.J. van der Veenstrjitte 1 t/m 41Surhuizum
9283TPOlivierstrjitte 1 t/m 25Surhuizum
9283TPH.J. van der Veenstrjitte 2 t/m 32Surhuizum
9283TRBartemerwei 1 t/m 25Surhuizum
9283TSBartemerwei 2 t/m 26Surhuizum
9283TTIt Súd 1 t/m 39Surhuizum
9283TVIt Súd 4 t/m 20Surhuizum
9283TWKoartwâld 5 t/m 31Verspreide huizen Surhuizum
9283TXKoartwâld 8 t/m 32Verspreide huizen Surhuizum
9283TZDeutechemstrjitte 1 t/m 21Surhuizum
9283VADeutechemstrjitte 2 t/m 16Surhuizum
9283VBBonhommestrjitte 1 t/m 38Surhuizum
9283VCBonhommestrjitte 2 t/m 30Surhuizum
9283VDvan Haersmastrjitte 2 t/m 6Surhuizum
9283VEDe Treaskes 1 t/m 7Surhuizum
9283VGDe Treaskes 2 t/m 20Surhuizum
9283VHDe Iennen 1 t/m 24Surhuizum
9283VKMûnefinne 1 t/m 4Surhuizum
9283XAAld Feart 1 t/m 5Verspreide huizen Surhuizum
9283XBSuderheawei 1 t/m 12Verspreide huizen Surhuizum
9283XCIt Langfal 1 t/m 6Surhuizum
9283XDDe Loanekampen 1 t/m 5Surhuizum
9283XEHurde Eker 1 t/m 3Verspreide huizen Surhuizum
9283XGPûsterwei 2 t/m 12Verspreide huizen Surhuizum
9283XHIt Langpaed 10 t/m 10Verspreide huizen Surhuizum
9283XHTurfloane 1 t/m 13Verspreide huizen Surhuizum
9283XRUterwei 4 t/m 18Verspreide huizen Surhuizum
9283XSRysloane 1 t/m 15Verspreide huizen Surhuizum
9283XTKoaiwei 1 t/m 9Verspreide huizen Surhuizum
9283XVFryske dyk 3 t/m 5Verspreide huizen Surhuizum
9283XVMiedwei 2 t/m 30Verspreide huizen Surhuizum
9283XWMiedwei 3 t/m 48Verspreide huizen Surhuizum
9283XXMiedwei 52 t/m 66Verspreide huizen Surhuizum
9283XZMiedwei 7 t/m 76Verspreide huizen Surhuizum
9283XZDoezumerwei 1 t/m 3Verspreide huizen Surhuizum

Districts and neighbourhoods at 9283 in Surhuizum

These are the neighbourhoods and districts that have the postcode number 9283.

Districts by postcode number 9283

Districts using the postcode number 9283 in Surhuizum.

Neighbours to postcode number 9283

The neighbourhoods that use the postcode number 9283 in Surhuizum.

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