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  • 9 postal codes

  • 4 streets

  • 79 addresses

  • 225 inhabitants

  • 90 households

About Jonkersvaart

Jonkersvaart is a place in the municipality Marum in the province Groningen. Jonkersvaart has 9 postal codes, 4 streets and 79 addresses. The city Jonkersvaart has 225 inhabitants of which there are 117 male and 108 female. These inhabitants are divided into 90 households. There are 23 single households, 30 double households and 37 households with one or more children. the phone prefix of Jonkersvaart is 0594.

Postal code numbers Jonkersvaart

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Postal codes Jonkersvaart

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all postal codes of Jonkersvaart

Streets Jonkersvaart

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all streets of Jonkersvaart

Addresses Jonkersvaart

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all addresses of Jonkersvaart