Postcode Bergweg in Rotterdam

In search for the postcode of Bergweg? There are 32 postcodes linked to the street Bergweg in Rotterdam. Bergweg is a street in the place Rotterdam within the municipality Rotterdam in the province Zuid-Holland. Bergweg has the postcode number 3032 and is located in the neighbourhood Agniesebuurt within the district Noord.

Overview Postcodes Bergweg

There are 32 postcodes belonging to the street Bergweg in Rotterdam.

postcode street house numbers
3032BA Bergweg 284 t/m 298
3032BB Bergweg 300 t/m 322
3032BC Bergweg 324 t/m 342
3035BM Bergweg 184 t/m 200
3035BN Bergweg 202 t/m 218
3035BP Bergweg 224 t/m 228
3035BR Bergweg 234 t/m 254
3035BS Bergweg 256 t/m 270
3035BT Bergweg 272 t/m 282
3036BA Bergweg 8 t/m 46
3036BC Bergweg 58 t/m 70
3036BD Bergweg 80 t/m 92
3036BE Bergweg 94 t/m 102
3036BH Bergweg 110 t/m 132
3036BJ Bergweg 134 t/m 150
3036BK Bergweg 152 t/m 166
3036BL Bergweg 168 t/m 180
3037EA Bergweg 35 t/m 45
3037EB Bergweg 47 t/m 57
3037EC Bergweg 59 t/m 69
3037ED Bergweg 71 t/m 123
3037EE Bergweg 125 t/m 139
3037EG Bergweg 141 t/m 157
3037EH Bergweg 161 t/m 187
3037EJ Bergweg 199 t/m 217
3037EK Bergweg 219 t/m 233
3037EL Bergweg 235 t/m 259
3037EM Bergweg 261 t/m 285
3037EN Bergweg 287 t/m 313
3037EP Bergweg 333 t/m 353
3038AA Bergweg 359 t/m 369
3051AA Bergweg 4 t/m 6

More about Bergweg

Bergweg is a street in the place Rotterdam within the municipality Rotterdam of the province Zuid-Holland. Bergweg is 1 of the 4 271 streets in Rotterdam. Bergweg knows 32 postcodes of the total 12 861 postcodes that Rotterdam has.

Bergweg is located in the neighbourhood Agniesebuurt within the district Noord. This neighbourhood has a total of 117 postcodes. In this neighbourhood you will find 2 410 households with 4 115 inhabitants. The area code of the inhabitants of the Bergweg is 010.

province: Zuid-Holland
municipality: Rotterdam
place: Rotterdam
district: Noord
neighbourhood: Agniesebuurt
postcode number: 3032
area code: 010

Stations and supermarkets Bergweg

The overview of stations and supermarkets near the street Bergweg

stations Bergweg

Below you see the stations which are near the street Bergweg with the corresponding street name and postcode.

station street postcode distance
Station Rotterdam Centraal Proveniersplein 1A 3033EA 0.67 km
Station Rotterdam Hofplein Katshoek 39 3032AE 1.07 km
Station Rotterdam Noord Bergweg 8 3036BA 1.47 km
Station Rotterdam Bergweg Bergweg 4 3051AA 1.5 km
Station Rotterdam Kleiweg Kleiweg 2 3051GR 1.78 km

supermarkets Bergweg

Below is an overview of supermarkets with postcode and address information near the street Bergweg.

supermarket street postcode distance
Albert Heijn Eudokiaplein 12 3037BT 0.1 km
Aldi Eudokiaplein 8 3037BT 0.1 km
Albert Heijn to go Proveniersplein 24 3013EA 0.8 km
Albert Heijn to go Stationsplein 16 3013AJ 0.89 km
Albert Heijn Benthuizerstraat 54 3036CJ 0.96 km
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