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postcode Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe)

What are the postcodes of Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe)? On this page you will find postcode information about Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) and extensive geographical and demographic data. Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) has 17 districts and 48 neighbourhoods. You can also view the postcode data of Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) by neighbourhood and district.

  • provinceDrenthe
  • municipalityMidden-Drenthe
  • placeStuifzand (Midden-Drenthe)
  • population density98 inhabitants per km2
  • inhabitants33 450 inhabitants
  • households14 135 households
  • neighbourhoods 48 neighbourhoods
  • postcodes1 postcodes
  • streets1 streets
  • districts 17 districts
  • land34 075 km2 land
  • water512 km2 water

Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) postcodes and streets

The overview of the postcodes and streets of Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe).

postcodes Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe)

A few postcodes of the place Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe). How many postcodes Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) has? Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) has 1 postcodes. Via the 4-digit postcode number you will find every postcode of Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe).

streets Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe)

How many streets does Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) have? Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) has 1 streets. See the list of all streets of Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) on the page overview streets Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) and find the corresponding postcodes. below are some streets of the city Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe).

All streets of Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe)

postcode numbers Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe)

These are all postcode numbers of Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe), find the underlying postcodes per postcode number. In total Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) has 1 postcode numbers.

more about Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe)

Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) is a place in the municipality Midden-Drenthe in the province Drenthe. Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) has 1 postcodes with 1 streets and Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) is divided into 17 districts and 48 neighbourhoods. Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) has a total surface area of 34 587 km2 of which 512 km2 consists of water and 34 075 km2 of land.

In Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) there are in 14 135 households with 33 450 inhabitants. The households are for 29% single households, 35.0% are households with children and 37% are households without children. Of the inhabitants in Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe), 15 387 are married, which is 46% of the population.

place:Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe)
area code:0528
postcodes:1 postcodes
streets:1 streets
neighbourhoods:48 neighbourhoods
districts:17 districts

Neighbours and districts of Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe)

Overview of the neighbours and districts Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe).

districts Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe)

Below you see a number of districts in Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe), the complete overview with the districts of Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) can be seen on the page district overview Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe). In Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) a total of 17 districts can be found.

All districts of Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe)

neighbourhoods Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe)

Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) has 48 neighbourhoods of which a number of neighbourhoods are shown below. See the page neighbourhoods overview Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe) for an overview of all neighbourhoods in the place Stuifzand (Midden-Drenthe).

All neighbourhoods ofStuifzand (Midden-Drenthe)
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